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Dave Wise drwise at houston.rr.com
Mon Jun 12 22:42:32 PDT 2006

Greetings all,

Thank you for your kind words.  As the saying goes, many hands make 
light work.  In this case, we had the sponsorships of the Baronies of 
Bjornsborg, Bryn Gwlad, Loch Soillier and Stargate.  I would like to 
thank each of Their Excellencies for joining us in our effort to 
experiment with a new format.  Our goal was to showcase some of the new 
things that Ansteorra has brought to the known world.  Before I get to 
the results, I would like to commend some folks for their exceptional 
efforts to help out with the event.

First to Don Shamino for the gracious use of his exceptional site, it 
made it easy to set the stage upon which the event played out.
 From the early planning stages Master Eule, HG Ulsted, and Sir Gideon, 
were instrumental in helping set and implement the format.
Lady Elizabeth Crouchet for putting together an excellent webpage
Lady Mariah for helping with the logistics of the event.
HE Katya for heading up gate, along with Lessa, William, Tristan and 
everyone else who sat gate.
Mistress Tessa and Lord Alfred who coordinated a host of water bearers 
that allowed us to hardly notice the warm (103 degree) day.
Lady Cristyana for coordinating sanitation and helping set up.
Soon to be Mistress Clara for a wonderful luncheon, and Mistress Gwyneth 
for organizing the pot luck.
Sir Morgan and soon to be Sir Tomas for filling the role as King of Arms 
as well as all the heralds who reminded us of what a herald is supposed 
to do.
HL Gerald and all the musicians that kept us entertained when the action 
of the field quieted down.
Mistress Neassa and HG Cateau for keeping track of all the action.
I am forgetting to many good gentles who pitched it when ever they saw 
that they could lend a hand.  For those I have not named, it was not 
because your services were not noticed, but simply poor memory on my 
part.  I would like to thank you again for helping out.

As to the results. All told, we had 12 combatants on the mounted crest 
portion, with three of them (Sir Gideon, Lady Bridget and Centurion 
Giotto) demonstrating the heavy mounted combat.  We had a total of 25 on 
the chivalric field and and an additional 9 taking part in the 
jousting.  Of those, we had 5 who competed on all three fields.  And of 
those 5, four were members of the chivalry.  And to give proper credit, 
Lady Calena took the mounted crest combat field, Sir Henri Le Hibou took 
the jousting field and Centurion Giotto took the foot combat, as well as 
overall.  Vivat to all those who took part and earned renown upon the field.

Finally, on sunday morning a fine challenge course was hosted by our 
most recent King's Lancer Lady Bridget and after many vigorous runs 
Lancer Lorraine Frasier emerged victorious to claim the title of King's 
Lancer for the second time.  Congratulations to Lancer Lorraine, who I'm 
sure will serve Their Majesties well.

Mistress Tessa has requested that I include the following:

Waterbearing at Castleton... ahhhh, how lovely a way to spend the day 
among the shade trees, watching and listening to some of the most 
intriguing and alive aspects of the SCA to be found in Kingdom. 
Combatants, horses, banners, viewing stands, heraldic introductions and 
musicians, sideboards, visiting with friends. 
And how about the incredible generosity and hospitality of Don Shamino 
about his Castleton properties...
To Sir Alexis, I thank you for asking me to administer the Waterbearing 
Station. Lord Alfred, thank *you* for the generosity of the loan of your 
barony's equipment and your devoted time.
To the many youth in attendance who offered their services as Waterbearers:
Rose, Thorull, Bailey, Ambroglio, Lockland, Artorius, and young Cynric 
for whom it was his 1st event.
To these Youth, Your energies and time are appreciated as greatly as 
your attitude of service. 
On site also volunteering as Waterbearers were
Lacy Coleetha newly arrived from the West, Mistress Gwynneth, and Aliena 
the Master WaterBearer.
To Lord Slovaczek who loaned Bordermarch igloo barrels and aprons, thank 
you.   To loved ones from Bordermarch who came along with me to present 
the refreshments and hydrate the fighters all day: Lady Elisabeth and 
Lord Santiago of Green Mountain Keep, my beloved spouse Count Simonn, 
and our son Lord Zain Amber-Gate, thank you all.
Unto Don Shamino, you are amazing!  Thank you for everything you do to 
make the dream real !
Peace and Grace to all,
Countess Tessa

With regards,
Sir Alexis
Event Steward
p.s. For those who weren't able to make it, you might want to ask 
someone who did about the exploding skull of doom ;-)
p.p.s. I was a bit busy during the day, so I was not able to take any 
pictures.  If you might be able to share any photos of the event I would 
be quite grateful.
p.p.p.s.  The lost and found is being headed up by Master Eule, but if 
you left something, please drop me a line and we will try to get it to 
you if it was left behind.

>I want to congratulate EVERYONE who had a hand in the success of Castleton.
>By far the most enjoyable event I've witnessed in many, many YEARS!!!
>A most inspired event that has set my imagination ablaze. The first jousting
>tournament ever held in the SCA occurred there. Evening court in the "Globe
>Theater". A field with an amazing gallery for the populace. Attention to
>detail in every aspect. Fabulous food, friends and pageantry. My words
>simply do not do this event justice.
>This is an event that will be talked about for years, history in the making,
>absolutely enchanting. VIVAT!!
>Of the many things that occurred, I wanted to congratulate the Kingdom's
>newest Laurel, Master Phelim "Pug" Gervase, who was announced in morning
>court, sat vigil during the day and was elevated in evening court! VIVAT.
>Master, Master Pug!!!
>Centurion Tomas' Vigil was wondrous. Stepping into his vigil pavilion was to
>step back in time. Simply marvelous.
>There is more, much more, but I must depart for another commitment. I shall
>be at Elfsea's fighter practice this afternoon. I'm filled with excitement
>for the future. Please come out and join me for a gathering of the populace
>in the park!!!
>Baron Armand Dragonetti
>Lord Elfsea
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