[Ansteorra] Thanks and recognition from Lindenwood's "Believe It or Not"

Christine/Maria casadevaca at charter.net
Tue Jun 13 10:39:42 PDT 2006

Buenos Dias!
The Canton of Lindenwood was indeed a very successful event! So many people
came together to make this a very fun and relaxing day for our guests. We
had many artisans who brought their projects to work on, a gaming pavilion,
and let’s not forget the children running and laughing all day long! I never
saw anyone that was not wearing at least a smile on his or her face! I was
very honored that we had people as far away as Namron and Bjornsborg who
came to our little event.

Our fighters displayed both fighting prowess and showing examples of
chivalry and courtesy. All our fighters had so much fun with a different
style of fighting format! Our fighters had to “collect” a full body in a
bear pit style format.

Our winner for the rapier list was Lord Sylvan! Lord Sylvan was so impressed
with one of his opponents' fighting and comportment on the field that he
gave part of his prize to Lord Tadgh mac Aedainui Chonchobhair 
a hard case
to keep his weapons in. Lord Sylvannas was also gifted with largesse from
Duchess Willow for his chivalry off the field when he carried her chair for
her several times as she traveled from court to list field and back.

In our Chivalric list, after an hour of fighting our fighters could not get
a left arm! So it was decided that we should tally up the body parts they
had taken. Lord Lochlan won by an impressive 6 heads! Through his prowess on
the field, Lochlan has won the only title of this sort in Ansteorra and to
my knowledge, in the Knowne Worlde...Premier Headhunter for the Canton of
Lindenwood!  He received a body bag...err....armor bag and a large gift
basket for his prize.

After the fighting was finished and we broke for lunch, the instructional
time commenced. Our classes were numerous and varied in depth and
complexity. They appealed to all from our newcomers to our enduring members.
We had classes from "how to make tunics" to "property law in England" to
"materials handling and safety" to "how to make a hobbyhorse"!

While the adults learned new craft and knowledge, our children learned how
to cook a period meal and serve the meal properly to the nobles and peers of
our realm under the patient guidance of Rebbe Hassadah. Duchess Willow,
Mistress Xene and myself were served a delicious and filling meal by the
children and they did a wonderful job! Rebbe Hassadah did a marvelous job
teaching all the children which were varied in age from the tender age of 2
to our helpful teens. The children and teens that took part earned badges
and each received a scroll.
Master Darius taught our older teens in attendance how to cook stuff beef
and period cheesecake over open fires. Master Manfred taught adults and
older children alike how to pound sand for sand casting. It was amazing to
see the arts and sciences enthralling both the young and the old.

Our Arts and Science Tournament entries were indeed interesting to say the
least. The theme of the competition was to make a piece that was not
“immediately obvious to the casual observer”. The judges for the tournament
were Mistress Xene, Duchess Willow and myself. We had a tough time deciding
on who the winner would be and had many laughs as we read the “guess sheets”
for each entry. Our winner was Lord Vincenzo with his entry of a hand carved
ear spoon and drilling tool for the bone gaming pieces.

I would like to thank all my teachers and coordinators for coming and
helping me make this event happen!

Field Marshall (heavy) – Lord Phelippe Descors
Field Marshall (Light) – Lady Genna
List Mistresses – Lady Gwen and Countess Allyson Thymes
Site Setup and Tear-down – Lord Arkell, Don Llewellyn, Lady Amiliona and
numerous other lords and ladies whom I did not catch their names
Banners and Gaming Pavilion – Duchess Willow de Wisp and household
Judging – Duchess Willow, Mistress Xene
MoC -- Rebbe Hadassah Sarai bas Yossi
Gate – Lady Sunnifa, assisted by Lady Amiliona
Court Herald – Lord Tadgh mac Aedainui Chonchobhair
Gaming Tent - Lady Alexandra and Lord Tristan

Master Manfred
Master Darius of the Bells
Mistress Rosalia di Bellavita
Don Llywelynn Gruffydd
Lord Tadgh mac Aedainui Chonchobhair
HL Arabella de Montacute
Mistress Xene Theriane
Lady Meraud de Dun Carraig

I want to extend a special thank you to Mistress Xene. She took me by the
hand and led me through the process of autocratting my very first event.
Without her guidance, our event would not have been so spectacular

I apologize if I misspelled anyone's names or left anyone out.  Please, if I
missed anyone or misspelled you name, let me know so I may correct it.

Yours in Service,
Lady Maria Cabeça de Vaca
MoAS, Canton of Lindenwood
Barony of the Steppes
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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