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As I said it is not in stone..... I will speak to the Autocrats.

 Thank you 




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I thought you might want to consider that Armor Inspection STARTS at
8:30 with the Tournament BEGINNING at 9 so maybe you might want to leave
earlier to ensure your fighters do arrive on time.  I would so hate for
people to miss the opportunity due to a 5-10 min delay.  Just a thought,
wish I was in your area because the price is so good, it's about what I
will pay traveling only and hour and a half.  I have to take the gas
guzzler due to all the people traveling with.

Elizabeth Blackthorne of
Crossrode Keep

Ameline DuBois <Ameline at generich.com> wrote:

Greetings to you all,

  The response to the idea of traveling to Coronation in a grand wagon
has taken off in a big way. I am now debating the need to take an
additional wagon for all the people interested. I have had some
questions about the travel plan, so I will endeavor to give some
details. These are guidelines and are not in stone.  


At 4:30 AM on the morning of July 8 boarding will begin from a college
or shopping center on the eastern side of Fort Worth. The bus will leave
at 5:00 to 5:15. One short stop in Granbury or Stephenville, to pick up
some people, and to stretch your legs if needed. Then proceed to San
Angelo arriving about 9:00 AM. It is my plan to arrive in time for a
fighter to be able to fight in the King's Champion battle. 


Armand and I wish to supply lunch for all. Friends have said they will
help if we need to feed two busses. I and my family will be eating
feast. I spoke to Lady Caitrionag Dhomhnaill, the autocrat, and if I can
tell her and her feast Steward the number for feast, we can all be feed,
for the $5 fee for feast 


The bus will leave San Angelo at 10:00 or 11:00 PM after the revel and
hafla, stop in the same place to drop off the people from the southern
canton. Then the bus will proceed to the original drop off place around
2:00 or 3:00 AM.


I am doing this outside of the SCA's legal responsibility and no SCA
funds will be used. I am signing the contract as Amy Rich and using Lone
Star Tours. They have a good record and the driver will have a hotel
room to sleep in while we are at Coronation. 


Call me at 817-447-3636


Or email me at Ameline at generich.com 


Contact me if you want a seat or if you have any more questions. We
expect to have a fun group of people, I am paying a deposit for
responsible adults to drink on the bus but no glass containers will be


I will need an email or a phone call to hold your seat. I will send out
a confirmation tonight to all on the first bus. If I get 15 to 20 more
people I will get a second bus.


I will need a check or money from all parties by 21st of July. 


Thanks you for your time.

Ameline Dubois




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Greetings dear friends, 


The stepping down of our Crown and the Elevation of a new King & Queen
is a glorious event to watch with all it's majesty and ceremony. The
Baron and Baroness of Elfsea would like to invite you on a pilgrimage to
this grand event. We have procured a large wagon with fine seats for
this pleasant journey (chartered party bus with driver). It will be
leaving from the Elfsea area early on the morning of July 8 so we can
arrive at coronation in time to watch or, if so driven, to fight in, the
King's Champion battle. (There will be room for your armor) The wagon
will stay all day and will depart for home at 10:00 or 11:00pm that
night. The entirety of the day and all of its amazing events could be
witnessed by you. The cost of this excursion is $25.00 per seat if we
get enough people to travel with us. (If your wagon can make this round
trip for less than this, please let us know it's maker) But more than
the possible savings in travel costs, is the time with friends in
chauffeured luxury!!!   Free-for-all seating, or reverse OP
seating...All peers, back of the bus :-).....or not. You will need to
pay for your gate entrance and feast if you wish, but Armand and Ameline
will be hosting a side board of pizza and sodas for lunch. 


We extend this invitation to ALL who can be in Elfsea early on July
8....hint, hint....Rosenfeld? 2 hour drive versus ???   Steppes...30
minutes? Brad Leah? Emerald Keep? Central Region?


Please send Ameline notice if you wish to travel with us. 

Ameline at generich.com

817-705-2435 mobile

817-447-3636 home


Seats are limited and will require a check or coin in her hand by the
21st of June. Come and watch movies, visit with friends, relax, have a
drink and let someone else drive!


With fond regards,

Armand & Ameline

Baron & Baroness of Elfsea

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