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Dudley, Jennifer Jennifer.Dudley at brazosport.edu
Wed Jun 14 07:08:47 PDT 2006

Please join us at King's College on June 24th for a fun day of classes,
feasting and a bardic competition. 


We have added a few classes as well.



Earl Brion Thornbird Ap Rhys

What are these Fighting Books anyway

Earl Brion Thornbird Ap Rhys

Italian Medieval Longsword of Fiore dei Liberi

Earl Brion Thornbird Ap Rhys

Pondrous, Cruel & Mortal: The Medieval Poleaxe

Mistress Anne of Alanwyck

Paint Making

Baroness Oriana della Francesca

Techniques for Painting a Period Illumination


Please visit http://sca.clancircle.com <http://sca.clancircle.com/>  to
register for the classes you would like to take.


See you there!


In Service to the Dream,

Lady Brenna MacDonald


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