[Ansteorra] Cafe Press: Black Shirts on sale

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Thu Jun 15 07:02:23 PDT 2006

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Subject: MK STORE: Black Shirts on sale
From:    "jen funk segrest" <jen at verybigdesign.com>
Date:    Thu, June 15, 2006 8:38 am
To:      spot at midrealm.org
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This is a message from the Midrealm Store... (and all the other
assorted sca stuff there)


Cafepress has a sale to announce it's improved it's black shirts  
(it's a new technology so it's still in beta) with printing that  
gives whiter whites and brighter brights.

SALE: Use coupon code "BLKBETA2" in your shopping cart to save $3 on
  black shirts right now until June 23rd. (Note: This sale is off
Cafepress' side, so the Midrealm will still get it's profit share on
  Midrealm items.)

As always, you have 30 days to return any items for any reason and
no   questions asked it if it doesn't meet your expectations, even
if   you've washed it.

who done it.

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