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Just to make it clear, this lady has a store with Ansteorran merchandise,
Associate gear, and "Laurel Bait" (Really nice Order of the Laurel items).
She is a professional graphic artist, and I can vouch that the graphics are
truely top notch.
In Service,


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> Subject: MK STORE: Black Shirts on sale
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> Date:    Thu, June 15, 2006 8:38 am
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> This is a message from the Midrealm Store... (and all the other
> assorted sca stuff there)
> http://www.cafepress.com/verybigdesign/1028365
> ---------------
> Cafepress has a sale to announce it's improved it's black shirts
> (it's a new technology so it's still in beta) with printing that
> gives whiter whites and brighter brights.
> SALE: Use coupon code "BLKBETA2" in your shopping cart to save $3 on
> black shirts right now until June 23rd. (Note: This sale is off
> Cafepress' side, so the Midrealm will still get it's profit share on
> Midrealm items.)
> As always, you have 30 days to return any items for any reason and
> no   questions asked it if it doesn't meet your expectations, even
> if   you've washed it.
> Grizel
> who done it.
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