[Ansteorra] Question about motifs in artwork

Susan catmafia at hughes.net
Thu Jun 15 08:24:08 PDT 2006

I was contimplaiting a project and it just dawned on me that something 
used in it is also used as a piece of Ansteorran regalia, it is a 
thistle from a Scottish coin and yes my absentmindedness is astounding.  
What exactly is the rule on using things that were used in period, but 
are also used in regalia?  Is it ok to make them with appropriate 
documentation, but they can only be used by someone who has the right to 
bear that thing?  Can you only do it if the person who uses it has the 
rights to wear that piece of regalia?  If so, how about where 
cultures/kingdoms are next to each other?  And people who move from one 
kingdom to another, do they stop wearing pieces they had had in another 
kingdom that wern't attached to any regalia?  How about on people's 
arms?  I make it to things in about equal number in Ansteorra and 
Calontir and this has been perplexing me.  I have always been interested 
in this, expecially in cases such as the proper garb accutraments 
weren't appropriate because of belt color and issues like that.

Looking forward to the discussion,
Susan the Curious

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