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  Reguarding various artistic endeavors, I have yet to enter an 
> A&S competition, but do these same things apply?  Say, one is to make 
> something with a pelican in its piety on it, this is ok isn't it?  It 
> would then usually be used as a gift to a friend who is a Pelican or 
> donated to the crown for regalia. 
> Thanks for the info, it is hard for the non-heralds to keep strait,
> Susan the Curious

Making an Heraldic display is always appropriate.

 If you have made it FOR someone who has the rights or priviliges to use it, then it is appropriate.  It is only not appropriate it 
USE it if you are not entitled to. Do not be limited to your own arms or badges. 

Some of our best Heraldic displays are made by persons not allowed to use them.  Many Laurels cloaks, pelican pins, 
chapeax, coronets and most often: scrolls are made by Heraldic Artists who are not themselves in those orders. So please try 
your hand at any heraldic arts you wish. Just know what you are making and what the inteded use is and who will be using it.

Maybe someday you too can make your own regalia. (that is meant as encouragment)

So yes, please do make these A&S displays. Be sure to tell in the documentation what it is. You do not have to specify who it is 
for by name, just that it is intended for use by a Member of the order of the Pelican or whatever. 

You can make things with the Kingdom arms on it as well but be sure you know that the Arms of the Kigdom are for use to 
represent the kingdom usually in the person of the king. They are his personal arms while he is king.  They pass to his heirs. 
Sometime take a moment to observe the Royal Feast gear. Those items were not made by any royalty but were made for the 
royalty and they get passed along to each successive reign.

There is a kingdom badge that may be used to represent things of or belonging to the kingdom or persons from that kingdom. It 
is NOT the full arms and so it may be used by Ansteorrans to represent things Ansteorra. 

I hope this helps you and anyone else with these questions. 

Sometimes herald
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