[Ansteorra] Question about motifs in artwork

Dennis Grace sirlyonel at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 15 12:41:15 PDT 2006

Salut Cozyns,

Susan says:

>Thank you so much for the information.  This one has baffled me recently
>with seeing things in a different kingdom, what little heraldic
>knowledge only seems to confuse me as opposed to making things clear.
>How to address you fall into the same realm, as your name reminds me of
>Seargents in the Army who's last name is Major.  I do appreciate your
>assistance greatly and have to ask, do they have support groups for
>recovering heralds?

My name (I take it you meen the patronymic) has never been a problem. 
Everyone just calls me Lyonel.

Sir Morgan might not agree, but I consider the Chivalry a support group for 
recovering heralds. With all that fighting to do, who has time to nitpi--uh, 
make announcements? On the other hand, I'm sure some will argue that I 
simply got the sense knocked out of me. Having been a commenting herald of 
the SCA College of Arms, however, I cannot see how anyone could argue that 
such behavior was sensible.

We also have our own twelve step program. It begins, "Admit that you cant, 
and just stop it."

Seriously, I rib the consulting heralds, but I have a good deal of respect 
for court heralds and list heralds. It's a rough job being witty, 
articulate, and correct all while being loud, clear, and pleasant to the 

lo vostre por vos servir
Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace
Micel yfel deth se unwritere.
		--AElfric of York

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