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Susan <catmafia at hughes.net> wrote:


S: With various items, such as lillies, iris, swans, and cranes-is it correct to use them as long as you aren't using them in a manner used bysomeone nearby or the kingdom?  

L: pretty much...if I was bi-kingdomal...I'd avoid using things that in either Kingdom would make the citizens presume that I had an award I didn't...

S: I understand with heraldry there must be 3 points of distinction, or prior approval; but does this apply to general artwork as well?  

L: I don't think so...but instead of SCA law, I would differ to federal copywrite law on that one...and perception...

and then there's the Vatican...who owns all representations in any form of anything it owns...

S:Distinctive items such as giraffe, turtles,  and the like are usually items that are reserved to a single person in 
an area-somewhat like distinctive names-it isn't the rule but the 
practice.  Reguarding various artistic endeavors, I have yet to enter an 
A&S competition, but do these same things apply?

L: Depends...not in general...but in regard to some things it is...

S: Say, one is to make something with a pelican in its piety on it, this is ok isn't it?  It would then usually be used as a gift to a friend who is a Pelican or donated to the crown for regalia. 

L: You can make anything...and enter it...but someone displays it personally (whether on clothes, tapestries, jewelry, paintings etc)
within the SCA...it will be assumed that the person holds that rank...
which creates all sorts of wierdness...

and if you have it in your house...and it's not part of your ancestral stuff...and SCA folks will see it...and make assumptions...they won't
just accept that "it was a kewl thing...and I wanted to make it"...
and then the rumours will drone on and on...

S:Thanks for the info, it is hard for the non-heralds to keep strait,
Susan the Curious

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