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>No one should ever use a symbol in a way that implies that he/she is
>entitled to something to which he/she is not entitled. I would be
>livid if someone wore a Medal of Honor or an Eagle Scout pin who had
>not earned the right to wear it. 


This reminds me of something from slightly amusing memory. There once was a
young man in Navy apprenticeship school who thought it would be fun to go to
the exchange and get himself a few ribbons to wear on his uniform (he hadn't
earned ANY of them) and wear them to class (a violation of Navy
Regulations). When he was inspected the next morning, as instructors are
known to do, the instructor paused, handed him the clipboard, and told him,
"Sir, I believe that your should be conducting this inspection, not me",
then saluted him. The perplexed young man took the board and continued the
inspections. When he had finished a group of NCOs, Chiefs and Officers had
gathered to watch. The man was rather nervous and didn't know what was going


Apparently, the young lad had not done his homework either. One of the
ribbons he grabbed was for a Silver Star, the other was the Medal of Honor
(yes, you can get the ribbon in the exchange, the medal itself you can only
get from the Pentagon). Needless to say, after what has been retold as the
"the mother of all ass chewings" that he received in front of everyone, he
was then dragged into the Admirals office where he was immediately court
marshaled and discharged (bad-conduct, I believe). Had he been caught
wearing the actual Medal, he would have been charged with a felony under
federal law and sent to prison (read: Fort Levenworth, KS). 




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Belt colors are NOT regulated by Society law, except that white belts
& baldrics are restricted by law to the respective members of the
Orders of Chivalry of the Society. 


So does that mean that the red belt for squires is custom, and not law?



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