[Ansteorra] Sheilds

Maridonna maridonna at maridonna.com
Sat Jun 17 07:33:49 PDT 2006

jeff vess wrote:

> Can I fight with one of these?
> http://www.metmuseum.org/Works_of_Art/viewOnezoom.asp?dep=4&zoomFlag=0&viewmode=0&item=25%2E26%2E1 
> <http://www.metmuseum.org/Works_of_Art/viewOnezoom.asp?dep=4&zoomFlag=0&viewmode=0&item=25%2E26%2E1>

The shield shape is a jousting shield.  The slot is where the lance 
is goes.  Neubecker, _Heraldry, Sources, Symbols and Meaning_, 
pp.76-77, German jousting shield.

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