[Ansteorra] Squire belts (was: Sable Thistle...etc.)

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 17 16:19:55 PDT 2006

>I started this tradition in
>Ansteorra with my household for I was influenced by other kingdoms and my
>way is MY WAY.....it's not for everyone.....Alexis's squires also wear
>silver chains.
>Sir Corwin

I never meant to insult your symbol of the fealty of your squires. Just
that the traditionalist in me didn't care for chains and spurs on squires.
I would never be one to forbid them or outlaw them. It's just not
to my taste. I'm sure some people found a Master's students calling
themselves squires and wearing belts instead of baldrics to be counter
to their sensibilities. If it works for you guys and harms none, then
I have no problem with it.

Some reigns in other kingdoms have allowed all Peers who swear
fealty to wear chains. I'm not happy for that either but it is what
worked for them.

If we all played exactly the same game, this would be awfully boring.


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