[Ansteorra] tanning rabbit pelts

Paul DeLisle ferret at hot.rr.com
Tue Jun 20 04:42:31 PDT 2006

It's kinda like the Masons...you have to ask...*G*

(*not* a Mason...)

  Yes, but if you were a new person, would you have the ability to know
where to look, and more importantly, when to look?  There's no
cross-referencing index.
    I know...(which is why I didn't tell it in the first place...*G*)
    (Internet Conservationist...Save The Bandwidth!)
      It was discussed on this list a few years back...but the new one's may
not know...
      You can tell the tale...or people can go back into the archives and
find the post...

      Paul DeLisle <ferret at hot.rr.com> wrote:
        Can't help you with tanning, but whatever you do...Dont Stir The
        (If you don't get the joke...find an old Bjornsborger...or, if none
are willing to admit it, i will (eventually) tell the story...
          I have been gifted with five Californian rabbits and plan to eat
them if I don't find a buyer for them.  Does anyone know how to tan rabbit
pelts so the fur stays on?  If so, or if you are interested in buying the
rabbits, please let me know.  I am near Greenville, Texas.
          Stephanie Smith, Ph.D
          Hunt County, Texas
          Owned by a Poodle and an Australian Cattle Dog
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