[Ansteorra] Stargate weather updates - clear and blue

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 21 17:39:48 PDT 2006

> On 6/19/06, robinec at cox.net <robinec at cox.net> wrote:
> Has anyone heard from our members in Houston?  Has
> anyone been affected by the flooding and is everyone ok?
> -Robin Anderson of Ross

To the best of my knowledge, Stargate, Loch Soillier, Raven's Fort and Westgate members all
survived the recent deluge well, if there are some in flood areas, please advise so we can assist.

The many reports in the media were primarily in the eastern/southeastern Houston area, in a 
floodplain that overflows often; and yesterday reports had the bayou's back in their banks and at
normal heights. 

For those traveling to King's College, the Rice University area is high and dry, the skies are
blue and clear with some clouds, but not rain ones. Forecast looks good for the weekend.   

Cheers, Hillary

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