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On 6/21/06, Faelan Caimbeul <faelancaimbeul at gmail.com> wrote:
> The white belt is a purely SCA thing. It's in law and the only official
> symbol of knighthood. In period, a white belt simply meant you had a white
> belt, hopefully matching your ensemble (but more than likely not).

Not true.  Du Charney says that a man about to be made a knight should be
dressed for the ceremony in a red tunic (showing his willingness to shed his
blood), black hose (to symbolize that he comes from the earth), a white belt
(to show purity), and a red cloak (such as was worn in antiquity). At the
ceremony he's given spurs and the accolade is performed.

> Therefore, the only true indication of a knight is his heart. How he
> carries
> himself, how he treats others, how he pursues art and culture, protects
> the
> weak, leads and generally makes a good effort to be the best person, the
> best warrior, he can be. This means that we can find many a "knight" who
> has
> never had a white belt, spurs or a chain, and should; and several who do
> have this things and shouldn't.
> Faelan


I want to fight and to strive, to vie with my opponents and friends, and at
the end of the day cry out "ENOUGH!!! For I can lift my arms no longer"

That is what is good in life.
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