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Thu Jun 22 11:59:05 PDT 2006

On 22 Jun 2006 at 17:29, Dennis Grace wrote:

> Salut cozyns,
> Lyonel ici.

 I don't think you can find many period examples of white 
> belts and gold chains, though.
> lo vostre por vos servir
> Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

If you mean in combination to symbolize something I think you are probalby right.

However I am sure I can find several examples from in period of a person wearing a white or very light colored belt if that is 
what the outfit calls for. 

I think I can also find examples of people wearing plain gold chains. 

I can maybe find a few where they are worn together. However, I believe they only symbolize wealth or good taste in color 
choices in any instance I can find.

I think finding portraits of people wearing spurs is harder but not imposible and usually indicates a soldier or maybe an officer, 
as an indication of wealth and as part of a complete armor ensemble.

Finding a portriat that uses any of these three elements as Knightly symbolism, I doubt I can find.  For that usually an emblem 
of the order of knighthood is displayed.

Someday maybe I can put together a website of links to portraits with lists of elements SCAers like to look for found in the 
portriats and a list of it's symbolisms. 

I am thinking of too many examples of each of these to list here and it would take me quite some time to find them online and 
coordinate links to them all.  That is a project for another day. 

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