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kandace harris thetexladi at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 22 18:30:12 PDT 2006

  Greeting to all,
       It is with great pleasure that I bring good news.
          For those of you who have the honor of knowing Troy "Buddy" Allen (SCA Rohan) , one of Bordermarches finest.I would like to announce that on June 20,2006 , Buddy graduated # 1 in his schooling out of Ft. Sill, Okla. He also was chosen as top leader of his Group. 
       That was Yesterday......
       Today, June 22,2006, He became a Father for the first time.  Buddy and he wife Jamie had a 7lbs., 5ozs,  baby Boy, named "Mason Alexander" Mother and child are doing wonderful. 
      Buddy will be in very late tonight and will be available day after tomorrow for visits.
   A new star shines over Ansteorra tonight ...Please make Him welcome....
   Vivat  ROHAN    Vivat JAMIE   
           Vivat    ALEX
   InService Always,
  Ly Kandyce of Oakclyffe

It's nice to be important..but....It's more important to be nice...Ly.Kandyce of Oakclyffe                                     

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