[Ansteorra] Land and Title . . . (Was Squires, Spurs and belts, OH MY!)

Virginia Gatling ginlee at cnbcom.net
Sat Jun 24 23:11:22 PDT 2006

> Someone also mentioned the statutory rape story.  Wasn't that Sutan
> Bloodaxe--but in another kingdom

Sutan was accused of sexual assaultof an adult at Gulf War in 1993. He went 
to court and the woman told her story and Sutan told his; witnesses told 
their story and he was found not guitly.

> Duke Angus--one of the most unpleasant peers 'twas ever my misfortune to
> meet--was indicted by the feds for conspiracy. I think he was living in
> Trimaris at the time.

 Duke Angus was living here in Ansteorra at the time he was arrested and 
sent to prison.

Countess Regina 

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