[Ansteorra] Land and Title . . . (Was Squires, Spurs and belts, OH MY!)

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Sun Jun 25 06:48:14 PDT 2006

That's quite incorrect.  Just because they can remove SOME from SOME 
positions they wish for whatever reasons they desire does not extend this 
power to ALL positions.  A crown cannot de-peer someone by themself, for 
example.  IE, no king can walk up to me and say, "Give me your belt back, 
you're not a knight anymore."

Sir Morgan (insert comment about cold dead fingers)

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>A king can remove anyone they want from any position they want for any
> reason they want and it does not have to involve drugs or any crime. It 
> can
> be based solely on personality conflict and a well placed lie or two.
> Believe me, I know!
> Siobhan

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