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Well...........an Ansteorra King could walk up to you, and he could say
exactly that, and you could give him your belt with a "Yes your Majesty" and
walk away with out your white belt having done exactly what the Crown you
swore Fealty to had requested.  

But you would still be Sir Morgan, KSCA :)  Just wouldn't have your belt on
til you got to camp and got out another.  I've heard that very thing
discussed by some royals as a way to reign in someone.

However your point is very valid, a King can not remove Peers on whim.  And
in my opinion having read the process on how to remove someone from a
peerage, it's really not worth it unless the individual in question is truly
not worthy of oxygen, let alone peerage.


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> That's quite incorrect.  Just because they can remove SOME from SOME
> positions they wish for whatever reasons they desire does not extend this
> power to ALL positions.  A crown cannot de-peer someone by themself, for
> example.  IE, no king can walk up to me and say, "Give me your belt back,
> you're not a knight anymore."
> Sir Morgan (insert comment about cold dead fingers)
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> >A king can remove anyone they want from any position they want for any
> > reason they want and it does not have to involve drugs or any crime. It
> > can
> > be based solely on personality conflict and a well placed lie or two.
> > Believe me, I know!
> > Siobhan
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