[Ansteorra] Land and Title . . . (Was Squires, Spurs and belts, OH MY!)

Burke McCrory burkemc at cox.net
Sun Jun 25 15:13:24 PDT 2006

At 02:32 PM 6/24/2006, you wrote:
>That's my point. There are many in this Kingdom of knightly bearing who are
>not knights. I think this is more defining than title. Unfortunately though,
>I have also found not just Knights, but other peers as well who are not as
>deserving of those titles anymore. It's sad, but some people work their
>tails off to get something, then seem to forget why they got it and it
>looses it's value.
>The SCA doesn't strip people of "land and title" do they? I've personally
>never heard of it, although BOD banishment would kind of seem to effectively
>do just that. What I'm wondering is, has there ever been a case when a
>Monarch decided that someone was so disgracing their Order, Coronet,
>Peerage, etc. that he actually stripped the person of that rank/title?
>I'm just bringing this up cause I saw Robin Hood again last night and
>Lochsley got stripped of "land and title".


Peerage and Royal Titles are the only corporate level awards.  As 
such the BOD reserves the right unto itself to degrade individuals 
from these awards.  I have seen a number of peers degraded from their 
peerages over the years.  Usually it comes from one of two 
situations, one you screw up in the SCA pretty bad and/or you break 
some mundane law that involves the SCA (ie embezzlement, child 
molestation, rape at an event, etc.).  Almost always the person in 
question will have already been banished by the Crown before the case 
is forwarded to the BOD.  A crown can not strip a person of the 
peerage but they can banish them with a level that will effectively 
suspending their titles for the reign.  Lastly because I know that 
someone will bring it up.  Generally someone who runs afoul of the 
law in a way that does not involve the SCA will not have any action 
taken against them because their crime did not occur in or at SCA 
activities.  However there have been a few cases so bad that the SCA 
quietly stripped the individual of all SCA titles and rank.  One 
convicted murderer comes to mind.  Lastly no matter why the BOD 
strips a person of their titles the time involved in going through 
the motions will mean that the actions taken by the BOD will be years 
after the initial recommendation.


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