[Ansteorra] was Land and Title . . . (Was Squires, Spurs and belts, OH MY!)

Vicki Marsh xaraxene at comcast.net
Sun Jun 25 18:44:33 PDT 2006

Greetings dear Gentles,

Please remember that some of the painful periods that have been referred to
in this thread are still part of our Kingdom's and Society's history. The
wounds still exist even if you have not witnessed them personally.

It has impacted our Society in a negative way and driven many wonderful
people away. What you may be discussing as the ancient history of your new
Kingdom, or from another Kingdom, still may hurt those people who were close
to the issues.

We are much, much more than the few dark spots in our history and I
sincerely hope that this thread ends now.

In Service to Crown and Kingdom,

Mistress Xene Theriane, OL, OP

Ansteorran since 1978 AD /AS XII

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