[Ansteorra] Land and Title . . . (Was Squires, Spurs and belts, OH MY!)

L T ldeerslayer at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 25 19:10:08 PDT 2006

The position you speak of is an appointed one...not an awarded one...much different.

It is one of the few that a Crown can actually, officially, directly, remove someone from.

Now they can say to the Kingdom Seneschal...remove so-and-so seneschal for just cause...and the Kingdom Seneschal will....but that is not direct.


Sandra Gutridge <siobhanon at sbcglobal.net> wrote: A king can remove anyone they want from any position they want for any
reason they want and it does not have to involve drugs or any crime. It can
be based solely on personality conflict and a well placed lie or two.
Believe me, I know! 

Give a lie a head start, and the truth will never catch up.

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