[Ansteorra] Handmade instruments available in charity auction in Calontir to benifit injured member

Susan catmafia at hughes.net
Sun Jun 25 20:13:35 PDT 2006

Master Kaz posted this on the Grimfells list and I asked to share it 
here also.  He has been making beautiful period instruments and is 
offering two in a charity auction to benifit a member who was recently 
in a car accident in Phenoix.  The main auction site is at  
<http://www.vikingsna.org/cgi-bin/auction.pl>.  Kaz' webpage where he 
has documented the process of instrument building is at 

Below is Kaz' message and if anyone in Ansteorra wins, I can help to get 
the instruments to an event near you,
Susan the Curious

Can't donate much in the way of cash right now, so I put these up.  It 
is for a very good cause, CA and BDR are good folks and good friends.  
So if you are interested, be generous, if you are not but know of 
someone who is, please let them know.

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