[Ansteorra] Ansteorran Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, July 22nd, Emerald Keep - teachers wanted!!

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 27 17:32:10 PDT 2006

If you are interested and willing to teach a class at this year's  
Ansteorran Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, July 22nd, 
which will be held at Emerald Keep (Waco TX) 
please send the following information to me, 
Hillary Greenslade at hillaryrg at yahoo.com,

Please put AHSS in the subject line for quicker response.

Classes requested, but not limited to: 
- vocal and field heraldry.
- the new OSCAR commentary online system
- 'a good herald' from the seated Nobilities perspective
- researching a library for resources
- submission process
- how to design your device
- how to write submission documentation

- calligraphy classes
- vellum preparation and use
- illumination classes on specific styles
- matting and framing scrolls without expense
- overview of pens and inks on market - what works, doesn't and why
- paper - how to pick the right paper for original and charter scrolls

- heraldic needlepoint
- heraldic display
- banner creation
- heraldry for equestrian
- dressing a herald - heraldic tabard making
- how to make a scribe table

Other wishes for classes, please let me know. 

SCA Name:
Legal Name:
E-Mail Address:
Class Title:
Class Description (2-3 lines):
Class Length: 1, 1.5, 2 hrs.
Class Student Limit:
Class Fee:
Preferred Class time: Morning/Afternoon
Equipment Requested:  (all attempts will be made to honor, 
                       but you may need to bring your equip.)
Class Type: Scribal, Onomastics, Armory, Administrative, Miscellaneous
Class Level:  All, Beginning, Intermediate, Advances

The class list will be posted online and on the lists. 
Please make plans now to attend this great opportunity for learning.  

Regards, Hillary Greenslade, Class Coordinator

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