[Ansteorra] Classy ;)

David Backlin edrei at smythkepe.org
Tue Apr 3 08:11:24 PDT 2007

Well, OK... you always knew Smythkepe had class anyway, right? 

Well, we also have classes.  That's right, our upcoming Cracked Anvil (April 13-15 if you missed the memo) features classes:

Adapting Mundane Patterns for the SCA 

Pewter Casting 
Beginnings with Bees  (I'm all a-buzz about this one)

Beginning Inkle Weaving

Sewing by Hand

Introduction to Combat Archery

Medieval Taste Testing

If the classes aren't of interest, we have a Loot Tourney and a Warlord Tourney for Heavy Weapons fighters. For Rapier Fighters we have a Snowball Tourney,  a Pas d'Arms and a Raper Champion Tourney.

For A&S we offer Open Static Competitions and a Kingdom Regalia competition. 

For the children, we offer a Pirate Treasure Hunt (arrrrr!),  plus classes in  the uses of herbs, Mosaics/ Stained Glass Art  and  Appreciation of Period Music (plus learning to play a simple wooden flute)

Children will also make their own lunches of Irish Toad in the Hole plus Viking Boats for dessert (won't that be too much fiber?)

ALSO: don't our Triathlon and especially don't miss our feast (smoked brisket, smoked pork w/ apple jelly, oat bread, alphabet meatball soup and more!). 

The Feast Steward has asked me to remind people to please bring your feast gear. Disposable feastware will NOT be provided (but we will provide washing stations after each meal).

There will also be a Silent Auction during the day Saturday to benefit Smythkepe's General Fund. 

Now you may be asking "how much for all this fun and excitement"?  What if I told you it was free? OK, I'm a liar... it's NOT free.

Adults (weekend) $19 Children under 12 $15

Day Trip: Adults $15, Children under 12 $15   ; Off-Board (remember that's NO Feast and "Mickey D's" is 20 mile away) deduct $5

Limited bed space is available first come, first served. Plenty of tenting space is available.

Now you're probably asking "where?" Well, I'll tell you where to go ;) :  Shoal Creek Methodist Youth Camp near New Blaine, AR. (19 miles west of Dardanelle).  Exact directions can be found on our website: http://www.smythkepe.org/cracked.htm

Class information can be found here: http://www.smythkepe.org/cracked/class.htm

So please join us for a full weekend of fun and excitement (yes I said a FULL WEEKEND).  Come and enjoy what we call "Smythkepe Hospitality".

Oh,  and a great big Smythkepe welcome to His Majesty Padruig, King of Gleann Abhann !! We are honored by your presence. :)

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