[Ansteorra] Steppes Warlord Tournament Format

Mike meggiddo at netzero.net
Wed Apr 4 17:32:15 PDT 2007


If you received this message more than once, my apologies.

I come before you on behalf of the Barony of the Steppes, in very short 
time, a gathering of the populous of this great Kingdom will meet and 
enter into a Tournament to determine the next Warlord of Steppes. A 
number of suggestions have be made on improving Warlord and perhaps you 
have read or heard some of those suggestions. There is not much that I 
can do in the majority of the areas, except within the confines of my 
office as the Steppes Knight Marshal - there will be MORE schedule 
Fighting this year at the Tournament.

The intent of this missive is draw attention that there will be more 
schedule fighting at Warlord this year, yes I repeated myself. Because 
it is worth while to do so. The sole intent here is provide more 
opportunities with the Warlord Tournament to encompass all levels of 
fighters, the emphasis upon the lower rank fighters, i.e., those who are 
not a Knight or a Centurion or a Sable Talon.

To reach that goal the following format was discussed and reached last 
year, 2006, and I fully agree and hope all of you do as well. There will 
be four (4) levels of fighting, which is based upon the various 
Chivalric fighting awards in this great kingdom of Ansteorra.
The three (3) awards:
Sable Talon
and the fourth (4th) level - everyone who does NOT hold the any of the 
above. And will use the same rules as in the OP - the highest level will 
determine the minimum level that one can enter.

Level One (1) - the normal Warlord Tournament - everyone welcome to 
enter this level and fight for the goal of the being the next Steppes 
Warlord. This will be a double elimination, just as it always have been.

Level Two (2) - Centurion rank or lower. Everyone who holds the rank of 
Centurion or lower are welcome to enter. This level (2) will be single 

Level Three (3) - Sable Talon or lower. Everyone who holds a Sable Talon 
or lower are welcome to enter. This level (3) will be single elimination.

Level Four (4) - Non-rank. Everyone who have not received any of the 
above 3 fighting awards are welcome to enter. This level (4) will be 
single elimination.

The minimum number of fights that a non-rank individual will experience 
is 5, instead of the normal 2 as in years past.

The increase levels or numbers of opportunities to promote fighting has 
also increase the need for more good gentles to step forward assist in 
Marshaling this tournament.

I am seeking volunteers to assist me in this effort to promote and 
increase Chivalric fighting in this great kingdom of ours. If you wish 
to assist in Marshaling, please reply.


Ld Michael Kettering
Steppes Knight Marshal

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