[Ansteorra] Rising of the Star verses (was: Crazy Weather)

Chris Zakes dontivar at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 15:46:50 PDT 2007

At 04:55 PM 4/6/2007, you wrote:
>Chris Zakes wrote:


> >The Ansteorran weather, it always aims to please
> >The temperature is 92 with snow up to your knees
> >There's hurricaines, tornados and rains of boiling tar
> >It's always something different by the rising of the star.
> >
> >         -Tivar Moondragon
> >
>Is this original? I.m adding it to my songbook, and want to give proper
>David Gallowglass

Yes, that's one of mine, as are the following:

The Ansteorran children are ever so polite,
But don't turn your back upon them, 'cause the little darlings bite!
Their cunning none surpasses, you know they'll travel far
They're the heirs of Ansteorra by the rising of the star.
(Written while driving to an event with you, as I recall.)

The Ansteorran landscape is pleasing to the eye
But there's thorns upon the flowers, and thunder in the sky
The animals wear armor, though it sounds a bit bizarre
It's just home sweet Ansteorra, by the rising of the star.

I'll ask you all a riddle they'll be talking of for years
"What stands on twenty-three legs by the side of Calontir?
It helped take the Eastrealm banner at the sixteenth Pennsic War."
It's your friends from Ansteorra, by the rising of the star.
(From Pennsic 16, which was, IIRC, the first one Sir Kief attended.)

The Ansteorran archers are keen of hand and eye
With their longbows and their crossbows raining death out of the sky
No matter where you're standing, they'll drop you near or far
Don't run--you'll just die tired--by the rising of the star.
(From Gulf War 12 or thereabouts.)

         -Tivar Moondragon

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