[Ansteorra] Caterina's loss

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I am so sorry for your loss and your son and granddaughter's loss.  I can
not imagine how heart broken your family is this day. 

It is indeed a tragedy.


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I will pray for them.  I just lost my 19 year old daughter-in-law on  March
28th.  She died suddenly, and the cause has yet to be determined, but  is
believed to be cardiac in nature.  She left behind my 4 month old
granddaughter and my 21 year old son, who is in the Army and stationed at
Fort  Carson, Co.  
She had only been there for 9 days when she died.  They  were married for 6
months, and probably didn't get to spend much more than  2 weeks of their
marriage together.  It was a real tragedy.  We buried  her yesterday.

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