[Ansteorra] SCA in the News, Vol. 1, Issue 14

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_*SCA in the News: Volume 1, Issue 14 - March 24-April 10, 2007*__*
*_ _*
Students, Professors, Eat, Dress & Play Music Medieval Style 
The News & Advance, Lynchburg, VA, USA
"I can run. I can jump. I can lay down and jump back up," he explained 
of the activities he can do while wearing 70 pounds of chain and plate 
mail. "I just can't swim."

_*SCA: Kobe NBA MVP 
The Sporting News, USA
Kobe Bryant has been voted the NBA's Most Valuable Player by the 
International Society of Creative Anachronism. The organization, which 
studies and re-enacts European life of the Middle Ages, has never held 
such a vote. In fact, the group boasts only a handful of people who've 
ever heard of the NBA.

_*Shrektacular Day at Dreamworks 
"We try to play with anachronism and use some very precise references to 
medieval things but modernize them. In the school there is a snack 
machine with a lever that works like a jackpot, and you get a big piece 
of ham or barrel of ale."

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