[Ansteorra] Period spit welding and other stuff

krag at wicksonwireless.com krag at wicksonwireless.com
Fri Apr 13 19:18:23 PDT 2007

...you let one cauldron of boiling sodium hydroxide get a wee bit out of
control, and people never let you orget about it.....Hah!

sign up for the list. Sounds like an interesting project.

course, I've heard of forge welding, drop welding, arc welding...but never
spit welding. I'll practice my spitting next time I'm welding omething of


> Careful, anything
that involves fire, steel and roasting animals just 
> may get out
of hand when Krag is involved. Just be sure to keep a fire 
extinguisher handy and 911 on speed dial ;-) . 
> Alexis 
> Michael Gunter wrote: 
>>> If
you're needing something special, shoot me an email. I have all 
>>> sorts of grades of steel, coal foges, propane forges,
electric furnaces 
>>> and I always have odds and ends of
various metalworking projects laying 
>>> around. Depending
where everyone lives, we could arrange a work party 
>>> HL Krag 
>> That would be awesome. Would you consent to come
over and 
>> join the list? That way things can be coordinated
and you can 
>> answer questions for people that can't make it.

>> The list is turning out to be more fun than
I thought. 
>> Thanks! 
>> Gunthar 
> Ansteorra
mailing list 
> Ansteorra at lists.ansteorra.org 

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