[Ansteorra] Guardian of the Guantlet Thank Yous

Sandra Jakl kieralady2 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 15 10:19:05 PDT 2007

All I can say is that I am astounded by the goodwill, fellowship and work that went on in our little camp kitchen. 

Thank you to all of those who prepared ahead of time by making and decorating candies, baking bread bowls, and researching, testing and tasting recipes!

Thank you to those to who loaded and unloaded my vehicle when the coolers weighed more than I could possibly have managed by myself!

Thank you for those who gave up all or part of their day to chop, cook, wash vegetables and prepare the meal!

Thank you to the volunteer servers!

Thank you to HL Eadric and his crew who came out to the event just the fix the drainage system so we could use the sink!

Thank you to those who toted trash!

When feast time drew nigh, the winds picked up and food started blowing off the preparation tables. The kitchen crew was getting cold(er) and depressed. Thank you to those who literally circled the wagons around the kitchen! It made a huge difference! I 

And when it was over, the clean up crew descended like a swarm of locusts requiring tasks faster than I could hand them out. It was awesome!!!!!

I hope a lot of you got to see the amazing sugar subtleties that HL Niccola Setaro prepared for her majesty and their highnesses.

An especial thank you to Lady Hedwig who made time to help me make quince candy, go shopping, and reminded me to drink water and more...

I could go on... but I've written enough, it was a wonderful day.

Dame Clara von Ulm

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