[Ansteorra] Did you find your way to the SCA through a demo?

Daralynn Brittain elspeth013 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 16 13:37:28 PDT 2007

Friends in Caid told us about the fun they used to have in an organization 
called the SCA.  We went to a newcomers meeting, practice then moved to 
Ansteorra.  Went to ELfsea Defender, worked my fanny off....that was it.  
That started almost 4 years ago, 3 here in Texas.


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>Why not keep it to the list? I discovered the SCA through a practice at
>a park in Northkeep. I was in a Melee group and saw someone doing
>something similar so I went to investigate.... bitten by the bug and
>been an SCAer since. That was 1991
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>Greetings everyone!
>   Quick question if I may, who out there found their way to the SCA
>through a demo of some sort?  If you did, I would be interested in
>finding out.  Please email me at juliecunningham65 at yahoo.com to let me
>know of your experience.  I would like to know which demo (TRF, NTIF,
>etc)  and what year at least
>   Thank you for your time
>   Lady Katheryn Cunningghame
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