[Ansteorra] My Introduction into the SCA

Constance Elizabeth Campbell constance.e.campbell at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 13:48:23 PDT 2007

I first found out about the SCA when I was in college, and the local group
had a booth set up at my university's Student Activities Fair.  I was
interested, but also intimidated at the time/money committment, and the
authenticity requirements that were needed to participate (which was also a
vibe I got from people who did Ren-Faire back in Ohio).  I didn't have a car
on campus and the events and meetings weren't within walking distance from
campus.  So, I didn't join or go to any events because I didn't think I was
good enough, and I didn't think that people would be willing to teach or
help with a ride.  My Lord is the one who got me involved finally (8 years
later) when we were overseas.  I was interested in gaming, LARPING (I met my
Lord at a LARP).. My cousins were very active in Dagorhir (similar to
Ampgard), and I'd gone to events with them and had fun, too...  (Including
the event they held on their farm).

Steppes Hospitaler

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