[Ansteorra] Did you find your way to the SCA through a demo?

Ann Milliron gam at door.net
Mon Apr 16 17:22:51 PDT 2007

I was introduce to the SCA in 1986 at OU.  I had a study group in one of my 
history classes, and was asked to go out to the Midfaire in May to see the 
events.  I was hooked being a medieval history major and seeing LIVE 
recreation of the time frame took me hook line and sinker.    To a great 
error of mine I joined the Army and did not get to play until 1988 when I 
moved to Roswell and met my husband Sir Max who was off to do a demo one 
afternoon at the city library.  We had just met so I was not sure what he 
was up to until I went up to see him at the library and figured out "Hey 
wait you belong to the SCA"  There was not a group in Roswell at the time 
just him.  Then I joined him and we moved.  But Roswell has a group there 
now last I know of any way.  I started playing every since when monies, 
health and mandane life allows.

HE Anastasiya

Sir Max on the other  hand before he meet me read about the group in the New 
Mexico magazine about a group in Carlsbad.  He was a teenager at the time. I 
think he told me he was 13-14 yrs old.  He could not make the hour trip from 
Hobbs to Carlsbad so he did not get to do much until he moved to Lubbock for 
College.  One of his co-workers/friends ask him to go out to a St Patty day 
event.  That was a few months after the gaming group had been introduced to 
Vallust and the SCA.  He joined right then on March 17th 1983.  He had 
played every since when he can as well.

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> Greetings everyone!
>  Quick question if I may, who out there found their way to the SCA through 
> a demo of some sort?  If you did, I would be interested in finding out. 
> Please email me at juliecunningham65 at yahoo.com to let me know of your 
> experience.  I would like to know which demo (TRF, NTIF, etc)  and what 
> year at least
>  Thank you for your time
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