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Kimberly Langhans sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 16 17:23:53 PDT 2007

Forwarded on behalf of the steward of Guardian of the

> Guardian was fabulous.
> 150 came...87 got feast...45 entered the list.  
> Congrats to Lord Dirk, the 13th Guardian of the
> Gauntlet.  And to Don Brenden, the first (and maybe
> the last ever) Guardian of the Guardian of the
> Gauntlet.  Four past Guardians of the Gauntlet
> entered (Eule, Pieter, Shea, and Brenden).
> When Friday's wind and 1 hour of rain blew past,
> Saturday was nippy and overcast but lovely.  The
> delicious feast was served under 3 walled pavilions,
> creating a wonderfully intimate setting.  Many
> thanks go out to Dame Clara and her crew of kitchen
> magicians, who spent weeks preparing for the feast,
> and then hours cooking on site, in spite of the
> less-than-ideal weather conditions.
> Vast thanks go to Don Tristan, my right hand and the
> only one other than Sara who can put up with my type
> A German Nature. One could not ask for a better
> co-Event
> Steward or Friend.  From Fri to Sun he was there to
> tote, shlep, carry, setup, move, tear down.  He even
> gave up his birthday to be there on Sun. 
> Thanks also go to...
> ....Annes and her gate crew for braving the
> elements.
> ....Sir Corwin for coordinating the firespinning and
> for letting me burn some of my hair.  We had 6
> spinners including Her Majesty Deanna, who 
> took up the Fire Spear.  Sir Corwin and his dual
> fire whips were a crowd pleaser.  
> ....Lord Malachi, Sir Alexis, and HRH Ulsted for
> helping with site setup
> ....HL Willow, HE Katya, HE William, Sir Alexis for
> helping with site clean-up
> ....Their Excellencies Stargate and Loch for hosting
> the event and allowing us the use of their pavilions
> during feast
> ....HL Eadric for his work in site coordination and
> last minute maintenance
> ....HL Rhiannon for coordinating the Hafla that got
> blown away by Saturday's wind gusts (rescheduled to
> Loch Guardian)
> ....The 5 dancers, one of who showed up from as far
> away as Wiesenfeuer
> ....Lady Elizabeth, who assisted me with list
> coordination
> Thanks to those who came..for the fighting, for the
> food, for the firespinning, and for the fellowship.
> Modius
> Steward of Guardian of the Gauntlet XIII 

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