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My  introduction came through my brother and a group of his " weird"  friends.
They were into the SCA, Hobbiton and D &D. My former  sister-in-law convinced
me that since I was into history and loved ren  faire, that I should try the
SCA. MY first event? The first Queen's  Champion Tourney in Caid...1978.
Rebbe Hadassah

Me too!  Only it was my sister, Mistress Alanna of Caer du  Pard, and it was 
a Namron fighter practice in 1977.  I was 14, and not  interested in any of 
that *nonsense*.  When I moved to Tulsa to live  with her in 1981, pregnant and 
unwed, her SCA family welcomed me with open arms  when the rest of our family 
did not.  Although most of my play,  including my peerage, was in Caer Galen 
in the Outlands (Boulder,  CO), Northkeep will always hold a special place in 
my heart.  She  showed me all of her costume books, and then proceeded to tell 
me that  I really wanted to be Welsh, and why!  After I moved to the Outlands 
and  had been playing awhile, I confessed to her that I had changed my name 
and  personna.  She screamed, "Aha!  I always knew you were a closet  Italian!"
M. Caterina Fregoso

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