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My  family plays in Caer Galen  :)    (Dominique Du Montmarte &  her consort 
Derek.  I'm hoping to be in the Outlands for "Glory"  where my lil brother is 
getting his squire's belt!)
Lucky you, and Huzzah to him, as they still say in the Outlands.  They  used 
to say that here, too, back in the day.  When I came back here, I  found that 
it was now 'Vivat'.

My first event was one my sister brought me to: the Coronation  of Gunvalt I, 
first King of the Outlands...  somewhere around 1986. I  am pretty sure she 
got involved through a demo out in Boulder - she'd been  playing for at least 
5 years by that point.
I've met Gunvaldt--I stayed with him and his gracious wife, Aelflead of  
Duckford when I traveled to al Barran.  They have been involved with the  SCA 
since the olden days.  I don't know if I've met Dominique--was she  active in the 
M. Caterina

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