[Ansteorra] first introduction to the SCA

Lisa A. May maaggie1 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 22:36:02 PDT 2007

I had just moved to Pennsylvania from California (Milpitas, no less,  
and I had never *heard* of the SCA) and was looking for something to  
do with a friend who was coming to visit me during the last week of  
June 1990.  The local Shire was having its big event and the site  
owners had placed a picture of a mounted knight in the front of the  
local phone book to advertise the event.  My friend's trip was  
canceled, but I went to the event anyway, sat on a blanket on the  
grass and watched the melees.  It was very colorful, very  
interesting, and the people very friendly, despite all the modern  
types who showed up to watch what was not supposed to be a demo.

Two weeks later, I had to go into work on a Sunday - I worked on the  
Penn State campus at the time - and found that these same people were  
holding a practice right outside my office window.  Again, they were  
very friendly, explained what was going on, and asked if I'd like to  
come to an event - there was one coming up that would be a lot of  
fun.  So, I showed up three weeks later, unsuspecting, at Pennsic XIX  
for my first event and was firmly hooked.  A year later, at Pennsic  
XX, I was fighting in the melees, and a few week later became Crown  
Princess.  At Pennsic XXI, I was the hosting Queen, and two months  
later stepped down and moved to Ansteorra.  I've played here ever  
since, and it's been quite a ride.  :-)


Countess Margaret ny Connor
Barony of the Steppes
Kingdom of Ansteorra

And do as adversaries do in law; strive mightily, then eat and drink  
as friends (Wm. Shakespeare)

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