[Ansteorra] Stargate

burkemc at cox.net burkemc at cox.net
Sun Apr 22 21:13:59 PDT 2007

I am Lady Aerin of Bonwicke (formerly of Adlersruhe) and I am the event
steward for this years Champions of Bonwicke in which we are celebrating our
Argent Anniversary. Champions is quickly approaching! To show how special I
think this event will be I wanted to have a special type of advertisement
for the event. I hope you all enjoy it and that you come and join us at
Champions of Bonwicke.


This is also a reminder if you don't have your feast reservations in yet
please contact the reservation steward. 

In service,
Lady Aerin of Bonwicke
Event Steward Champions of Bonwicke
Argent Anniversary Celebration
PS. My great thanks to Lady Beornwyn for creating this special advertisement for me. 

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