[Ansteorra] Wiesenfeur Baronial?

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Well it definitely was different.  They started out with three fields with each field being a different style, starting with sword and shield, two handed weapons and single sword at the barrier.  You got 2 points for a win and one for a lose.  You could only stay on one particular field for 2 wins before having to move on.  You were not allow to repeat a field back to back.  This went on for a set time with them stepping in and closing a field for a particular st lye and then reopening it for a different style.  After a while (a time period I do not know) they closed all field and opened up a noble tourney in which the noble chose the combatants and weapons style and they fought one time best two out of three.  They then chose three combatants to move straight on to the finals with out having to rack up more points.  After the nobles tourney they reopen the fields for more fighting and points to be earned.  Once again after a set time they closed the fields and opened up a
 Ladies tourney with each combatant fighting one time, best two out of three,  and then the ladies choosing who will go on to the finals.  After this they open the fields one last time for increasing your point totals.  At the end of that the final rounds began with the three fighters from the nobles tourney, the one from the ladies tourney and the top four on the points total.  This was then fought best two out of three and taken down from there to their champion.  
  That is it in a nut shell.  Very interesting.  In the noble tourney I fought Viggin great sword in the first round and lost to him.  At the end of it the nobles had picked Viggin, Brom and Yoshi to move on to the finals.  In the ladies tourney although I had lost my fight I was chosen to do a verbal sparing (lack of a better way of putting it) against Geoffry.  This happen because of how my daughter had came out to me giving her a kiss and walking off the field with her. (ah how cute card).  Me of all people in a bout of words.  We were to speak highly of each other convincing them of which direction to go.  To my total supp rise I won.  With all the NorthKeep Ladies stepping back and not voting because they were bias.  So I got the pass to the finals.  The fields were then reopen and for the final push for point with your very own Nick (sorry do not know his SCA name) making a glorious push in the last 30 min. with 15 fights to get into the final rounds.  At this point I
 really started concentrating on myself and can not really recall the other three names who went into the finals.  I drew Nick who really made me work for it giving me a scare several times.  But with the last push he did he was slightly tired and I was able to take advantage of it.  I lost in the semifinals to his Excellency William who went on to face Brom in the finals with his Excellency prevailing.  Over all great fun and lots of fighting.  Only a few things I would change if it were me running it but still had lots of fun.  
  Ulf Arnfinnson 
  Squire to Earl Daffyyd Whitacer
  Jean Paul de Sens <jeanpauldesens at gmail.com> wrote:
  So how did it go? I heard some neat rumors about the tournament, but would
love to hear some details.


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