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I so agree with this. If I can't hear what is being
said in court and I don't feel a part of what is going
on, court becomes really boaring and I end up chatting
with those around me.
Also if feast is before court it is nice to set up the
hall so that no one has to leave the Hall so court may
be set up, It can just start.There still may be time
between feast and court however no one would have to
leave.It becomes a nice social time.
Ldy Arabella(Eldern Hills)
--- Mahee <mahee_of_acre at yahoo.com> wrote:

> What I like about court:
>        Master Modieus once said that any court can
> be good, but the herald must pay attention to the
> crowd...it is all in the timing. I have been
> heralding court now for a 2 years now in a kingdom
> where a short court is an hour and long court runs
> from sunrise to sunset...and I have found great
> wisdom in Master Modius's words. A really good
> herald is needed for a really good court. 
>        Another very wise man once told me that it
> was the herald's job to make sure that what was put
> on court buisness invovled everyone. When court
> invovles me, I like it as do most people. When court
> happens up on the stage and no one else knows what
> is happening, that is not so good...a good herald
> finds a way to let the populous be invovled with the
> quiet stuff. So what and who is put on court
> buisness must be carefully controlled.
>        I really love a good court. When they move at
> a good pace and I know what all is going on, it is
> wonderful. I have often sat beside a newbie and
> translated court for them so they could be involved
> as well.
>        I can tell you that it is not the length of
> court that is makes court good or bad, but the
> pacing and keeping the populous invovled.
>   your servant,
>   mahee of acre, Ansteorra North (Yelm, WA)
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