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Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 11:09:15 -0600
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Subject: [Ansteorra] Possibly Found Items
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I was just told by my cadet, Redulf, that the thrift store (Bargain Thrift)
in Oklahoma City at 15th and Meridian has some items that he suspects may be
of SCA origin. They include a hand made Celtic arrow quiver and some other
items he said may be axe/knife sheaths or something similar. If you know of
anyone who may be missing such items please let them know.
Elric Dracwin
Baron Wiesenfeuer>>

There's an SCA e-mail list where folks can list 'stolen' items at: 
(there maybe other lists or e-groups elsewhere for like items)

It's possible these thrift store items were from a former SCA member, or family clearing out an
estate, or renaissance fair/theatrical items - so they could be perfectly legitimate in being
resold.  They could also be from an Irish personna in another reenactment group (Buckskinners,
Amptgard) that handcrafted the items.  Though if in decent condition, maybe worth picking up to
add to a prize basket.  

I like the idea of including an engraving/painting a mark (anagram) on your items or at least your
real/SCA name, so lost items can be identified for return home.  I lost an expensive pewter mug
years ago at a Squires and Cadets event that was never turn into lost and found tho I had posted
calls searching for it. Even while I had a silken braid in my colors on the handle, I didn't have
my name on it; made sure to put my mark on it's replacement. 

Good catch to Redulf.  
Cheers, Hillary

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