[Ansteorra] New Sable Scroll scribal officer for Romanius and Deanna's reign

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 8 16:17:13 PST 2007

Greetings Ansteorra, 
Please be advised that as of Coronation weekend, Jan. 13th, the scribal office of Sable Scroll
will transition from Mistress Curstaidh Magorlick to Mistress Stella Silvana.  

The e-mail address for Sable Scroll business will continue to remain 'Sable_Scroll at ansteorra.org'.

Many thanks to Curstaidh for an excellent job well done during Aaron and Britta's reign. Vivat!
We look forward to working with Stella during the upcoming reign.  

Regards, Hillary

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