[Ansteorra] Travel in bad weather

elizabeth at crouchet.com elizabeth at crouchet.com
Fri Jan 12 11:48:10 PST 2007

Please, if you feel you must travel, carry extra food, water and warm clothing and blankets.
Carry extra flashlights and batteries. 

Also, keep your cell phones charged! if you have more than one, only have one on at a time to preserve useful battery life. 
Carry a battery charger that can be used to charge flashlights and cellphones if you can get one. 

Stay in touch with friends and family at both ends of your trip. 

Above all, be careful and don't travel if you just don't have to. 

Please all be safe this weekend. 

Dore and I have decided not to risk it. We are heartbroken to miss this wondrous event. 

We pray for the safety of those that must go (if they can even get there). 

Claire Shayhan

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