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Jolene Graves meraud at sbcglobal.net
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Has Burkburnett Community Center announced if it will be closed this
weekend? There was a similar weather situation a few years ago back east.
The event (a baronial elevation and investiture) had to be moved to a
private home since the site, a community center was closed due to the ice
storm. The group held the event anyway and I had at least one friend injure
his back when he fell on the ice.

Tadhg and I have our own driving story to tell about that event. It involves
an icy bridge, Tadhg in a velvet bliau and an 18 wheeler. Something I hope
to never experience again. As a matter of fact that was 13 years ago next

Be safe and warm,
Lady Meraud

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I just had a delivery come in from Oklahoma City to Lawton. The driver of
the truck said the roads were currently passable, but the bridges and
overpasses were solid sheets of ice and several cars were already in

  Gunnarr haukr
  Eldern Hills

Scott Barrett <barrett1 at cox.net> wrote:
  I can tell you this.
Oklahoma is essentially cut off. Accumulating ice was expected for
tomorrow, but not tonight.
Now, the freezing rain is glazing everything all day today, tomorrow
and most of Sunday.
Travel is inherently dangerous for this third of the Kingdom.
Driving over 35 mph is becoming impossible.
Power outages and road closures are expected. Most commercial business
and government offices in Oklahoma City were closed at Noon. I've heard
that Namron, Skorragardr and Eldern Hills are in the same predicament,
and NorthKeep and Moonshadowe are worsening as the storm system
Anyone hoping to make it to Coronation from Oklahoma may find that a.)
travel is not possible or will take four times the amount of hours to
make the trip and b.) they will likely be trapped there for some time
should they arrive safely.

The lack of chatter on the list about this steadily worsening emergency
situation for Oklahoma has me a little surprised.
This is already a bad storm, and all predictions indicate no
improvement for the next 72 hours.

I apologize that I cannot represent the title of Premier Bard at this
event, nor can I formally welcome Their Highnesses and thank their
Majesties for their service and sacrifice. I will not risk my loved
ones for this game.
Those of you who insist on making this trip, please, be very slow,
careful, stock your car with emergency supplies and stay in constant
contact with your loved ones back home.


On Friday, January 12, 2007, at 12:53 PM, gail young wrote:

> So...can someone from Wichita Falls post and let us know how it is up
> there? Weather Channel says freezing rain is falling and will
> continue all night and tomorrow.
> gwyneth
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