[Ansteorra] This is a call for HELP

Vicki Marsh vmarsh at twmarsh.net
Sat Jan 13 13:31:51 PST 2007

I wish I could help. Perhaps someone in Wichita Falls could help out? Please
let us know how they fare.

Keeping our friends in our prayers,


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 Greeting ,

    Lord Il Dannach and Lady Isabella of Bordermarch , better know as Dana
and Jackie Leslie,

   was up for Crown and They had closed some roads so they went west into
Clay County around Henrietta...They have had a wreck and are at Clay County
Hosp. in the E.R. ..

   Any Ansteorrans  up there ...they need help..Car is wrecked  and they are
stuck at the Hosp.there...

    Please...Please ...if anyone can help ...call . 940-538-5621 and ask for
E.R. and Dana Leslie.... If you know of any thing that I can do from here
please call me ...409-755-6470.

        Thank You ,


                  It's nice to be Important ...But....It's more important to
be nice...Ldy, Kandyce of Oakclyffe

  You see, in the final Analysis,...
  It was never between you and them...

                                      It's between You and God...

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