[Ansteorra] Seawinds taken care of by Bjornsburg

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Sun Jan 14 18:19:33 PST 2007

This is exactly why I love the SCA!

kandace harris <thetexladi at sbcglobal.net> wrote:  Oh Caley and Gavin,

What a great adventure ...It sounds like y'all had alot of fun...One thing about Us ...If We can't get to an Event .... We'll just make our own Event.
So glad y'all were safe and having fun. See ya next week-end...LoL...Kandyce

" Everybody....Should Go To Round Table...That's fun too"

Yes! We had a great road trip. We did not make it to our original destination but we had a ton of fun! Thanks Katrine for your wonderful hospitality! Thank you Caley and Gavin for chauffering all of us. When's the next road trip?

medicfem at aol.com wrote:
Greetings All!

Dear populous, I must recount this story for your entertainment from this last weekend.

Well in a great planned event, 9 members of the Shire of Seawinds (and one lost member of Loch Sollier) left Friday at noon heading to Coronation. There was another Seawinds planned chase van at 5pm with an additional 5 . We pick up the 15 passenger rental van early and started loading at 10am. We were all excited preparing to see our once shire mate HRH Romanius, take the throne. Loaded we were and off we went.

Traveling with great speed, we made it past Marble Falls ( the virtually half way mark to the event site) at 4pm. Then a minute later, we received the dreaded call. It was HL Yutta, Coronation is cancelled. After calling our yet to depart members and a few who we worried would be on the road, the misery set in. We are eventless in Marble Falls! 

Oh the sadness, where are we to go now? We have garb. We have money, we didn't spend on hotels. There was much discussion as to what to do next, but I must tell you Ansteorra we thought long and hard as to make this night a celebration of our Roman Prince. Our fine shire seneshal, Lord Gavin and Lady Arianna came up with this suggestion, "Let's go back to Bjornsburg and go have the Roman Orgie (food) at The Magic Time Machine Restaurant in garb." We called up everyone we had numbers for in Bjornsburg! Made an 8:30 reservation! Abrupt U-Turn! Woo Hoo! and off we went with a plan!

Lady Katerine, my Amazon embryo and member of the Baronial entourage, with all her hospitality invited us to her abode and had 10 people drop out of the sweats and into court garb in 10 mins! Then off to the large white chariot in our period attire to the eatery! Our party of 11 gorged on meats, fruits, bread, butter, soup, potatoes, and veggies served family style. Mmmm... that was almost like feast?? We toasted Romanius with fine libations and well, Margaritas ( I remind everyone we were in Bjornsburg). We were even served by royality, King Arthur and had a lovely knight in armor placed around and on our table!

Oh but the night is not over! Back in the White Chariot we rode! Off to Bjornsburg's Bardic night at Sir Kennith and Mistress Adelaide's home. What great hospitality we were shown! All 11 of us, raiding Bjornsburg's Bardic night. I do not know what you would do if some 10 plus almost strangers in garb showed up at your door step, but we were greeted with open arms! What fine voices we had the joy to hear. The Barony of Bjornsburg is truly blessed with amazing voices! The eyes were heavy by midnight and we had to part from our dear friends and new friends for many of us.

Then back to Lady Katerine's abode for a bit of slumber. I remind you there was 11 of us! No blankets and only two pillows did we bring. Yet Lady Katerine covered us all with her mother's handmade quilts, found us all pillows, couches, beds, air mattresses and even served coffee in the morning! Vivat Lady Katerine Bontemps!

Oh what an adventure we had Ansteorra! This traveling band from the Shire of Seawinds (plus one) sends many thank you(s) to the Barony of Bjornsburg. You are truly blessed with wonderful citizens! Your hospitality was amazing! 

To those on this adventure, thank you! Arianna, Titus, Little Miss Katherine - for being an angel, Croaker, Catriona, Alix, Krell, Fionn, Katerine of Bjornsburg, and our seneshal Gavin. You all made a bad situation really wonderful!

with respect,

Lady Eleanora Elizabeth Caley ( called Caley)

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