[Ansteorra] Central Regional Seneschal

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 15 15:06:15 PST 2007

Greeting All from Master Philip White, Stepping Down Central Regional Seneschal, 
I wanted to write a final letter of gratitude for those I have worked with over the past couple years while acting as the Central Regional Seneschal. 
The office of Seneschal can be tricky because you are not only responsible for the mundane administrative tasks required of the office, you are also required to act as a leader of the populous and continually encourage growth and security. The Central Region has been very lucky to have had volunteers ready to do this. 
For all of their efforts I would like to thank: Lord Guyon, Lord Thomas, Honorable Lady Rixande, Lady Aislyn, Baroness Dana, Lady Catrin, Lady Sunnifa, Mistress Xene, Lady Cyrilla, Lady Alys, Don Edward, Lord Jacques, Baroness Francesca, Lord Jon, Honrable Lady Margarite, Sir William, and Duke Patrick Michael.  
Also, particular thanks to the two Kingdom Seneschals I served under, Master Modius and Duchess Julia. They both gave me more support than I expected and always respected my own position. 
To end with, please welcome Duchess Conal O’Riordain as my replacement and thank her for stepping up to volunteer. I expect the Region to continue to prosper with her leadership. 
 Your Servant to Command, ~P.W. 
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